From the moment you start with waterstarts your lesson becomes much more efficient thanks to the intercom system of BB Talkin. Your kitesurf instructor can continuously coach and steer you on the water, so you immediately get tips and tricks to learn kitesurfing safely and independently!

- Book them with your class for only € 10 instead of €25! - 

Lesson 1

The start of becoming an independent kitesurfer

Land part
» Theory about wind, the spot and possible dangers
» Basic kite control
» Setting up the kite and bar
» Safety systems

Water part
» Kite controle *in soft- and powerzone*
» Bodydrag upwind and crosswind
» Gift: bodydrag downwind ‘the rollercoaster’!

Be prepared

Do you want to prepare yourself for your first class? Then check out our Media page, the first 3 tutorials will help you to make a quickstart on the water!

Lesson 2

Kite control and getting towards waterstart

Bodydraggen and powerstroke
» Crosswind, with 1 hand
» Upwind (with board)
» Powerstroke, powerdip

Board time
» Get used to kite and board together
» Putting the board on with kite steady at 12 o’clock
» Powerstroke and pressure against the board
» Waterstart!

Be prepared

Also for lesson 2 there are 3 handy tutorials ready for you so that you can finish the theory of lesson 2 before your class start! Check them here: Media!

Lesson 3

Waterstart and GO!

Important: Repetition
» Kite set-up independently 
» Independent kite launch with assistent
» Bodydrag upwind
» Kite and board control

» Waterstart left and right
» Riding the first meters
» Drink a lot of water
» Have heaps of fun
» Ride 50 meters and get your IKO certificate!

Be prepared

Sweet, you’re almost there: riding smooth! Make sure that you do not miss the last 3 tutorials to be able to practice as properly and safely as possible. Check them here: Media!

Disclaimer: Not everyone learns according to the same learning curve. This lesson is based on an average student.
Some students will learn faster than others, keep in mind and do not be disappointed if someone is faster or better than you.
For us,
 responsibility, trust and safety come first and we are always adjust on our lessonplan to that!


Hydrofoil lessen

Hydrofoiling is the newest hype in the world of kitesurfing, and we are totally hooked! Hovering on the water, without making any sound or spray. It is possible to ride a foil from only 8 knots of wind and you can ride upwind like you never did before. The trick to learn how to hydrofoil is to start with a small foil. We go to a bigger foil step by step until you reach the full 1 meter foil! We use the method of the Slingshot Foil Academy  to speed up your learning curve.

We think its amazing, can we get you stoked as well?


Advanced lessons

For people who want to keep on learning after riding the first 50 meters! During a 2 hour private lesson we will get your skills to a higher level. This lesson is focused on your level of riding and what you want to learn. This includes use of of video material to analyse your riding.

What are the possibilities:
» Transitions
» Upwind and toeside riding
» Riding waves
» First tricks: jumps, backroll, frontroll, carved turnes

Be prepared

We got some tutorials as well for advanced kitesurfers. Check them here: Media!