Preparation on your first kitesurf lesson

The better you are prepared, the better you will fly the kite in your first class. That is why we have put a number of Youtube videos for you below, explaining the trainer kite, kite setup and security systems. We use the Kitesurf College tutorials, they have a broad knowledge base of kitesurfers of any level. Enjoy!

Trainer Kite tutorial

Kite Set-Up tutorial

Safety systemen tutorial

After your first kitesurf lesson

After the first lesson you are hopefully completely stoked and you probably can not wait until the next time you can wear your wetsuit! To prepare you for your second kitesurf, check below to find 3 new videos ready for you: bodydragging, water relaunch and waterstart.

Bodydrag tutorial

Water relaunch tutorial

Waterstart tutorial

After riding your first meters

Did you ride your first meters? Sweet! Check out the tutorials below on how to proceed: upwind riding, transitions and self-rescue.

Self Rescue: especially the latter is very important to look (and execute) before the first time you hit the water with your own set!

Upwind riding tutorial

Transitions tutorial

Self rescue tutorial