From the moment you start with waterstarts your lesson becomes much more efficient thanks to the intercom system of BB Talkin. Your kitesurf instructor can continuously coach and steer you on the water, so you immediately get tips and tricks to learn kitesurfing safely and independently!

– Book them with your class for only € 10 instead of €25! – 


In a private lesson you will work one on one with your instructor. You use a kite that is selected on your level and weight. You do not have to take fellow students into account so you can learn more quickly. The instructor is always close by and can constantly give you targeted advice. This personal approach is the most effective way to learn kite surfing. This way you will soon be shining on your board within NO time!

» Single lesson (2,5 hours): €160,-
» Course (3 x 2,5 hours): €449,-


In a duo lesson you can learn how to kite with friends, family or your summer love in a group of maximum 2 people. This provides a lot of fun on the water and you can learn from what the other is doing right (or wrong!). The duo course is the most affordable way to learn kite surfing! Note: we only use one kite per instructor, so with this option you share the kite and the board together.

»Single lesson (2.5 hours): € 110, –
»Course (3 x 2.5 hours): € 299


An advanced lesson is a private lesson for the kite surfer who would like to learn how to jump, turn backrolls, make turns, hydrofoil or, for example, learn to kite on a surfboard. Specify your request in the comments of your booking on what you would like to learn in your lesson, then we will find the perfect instructor for this skill! If you prefer to practice yourself first, look below for renting or supervision.

»Single lesson (2.5 hours): € 160, –
»Course (3 x 2.5 hours): € 449, –


Can you kitesurf independently? Then you can rent a kitesurf equipment! We set high standards for renting, you must be able to ride upwind and be completely independent. The latest kites and boards from Slingshot and Lieuwe are ready for renting. Including Mystic waterwear such as wetsuit and a harness.

Prices (for 2.5 hours):
» Complete kitesurfset: € 60, –
» Kite only: € 35, –
» Board only: € 25, –
» Hydrofoil: € 60, –
» Insurance (per day): € 10, –

NB: We are careful with our material and put safety always first. If we think that you do not have a sufficient level to be able to rent independently, we reserve the right to cancel the session at any time. Not sure if you have the right level? Then choose supervision or a refresher lesson!


Have you finished your lessons, being independent and riding 50 meters, but you don’t feel completely sure yet?  Then kite kiting under supervision is the solution! You get your own kite and board and there is an instructor who keeps an eye on you from the beach. He helps with launching and landing the kite and if you have a question you can always go to him. 

Price (for 2.5 hours):
» Supervision incl. kitesurf equipment € 75, –
» Supervision with own equipment €45, –
» 5-tack ticket supervision € 335, –

Minimum requirements to participate in the supervision lesson:  riding 50 meters both ways, full kite control and being able to stop in a controlled manner.

NB: We take good care of our material and put safety first. If we feel that you do not have a sufficient level to participate in the supervision lesson, we reserve the right to cancel the session at any time.