Kitesurfschool Zeeland teaches at no less than 3 locations on the island of Walcheren. Depending on the wind direction and the tide, we choose the best spot for the day you have lessons. That way we can find the perfect conditions with all winddirections! 


Neeltje Jans was used as a working island to build the dikes that protect Zeeland from the sea. The beach is wide with a lot of space to prepare your kite. The difference between high tide and low tide is huge. During high tide there will be a shorebreak and the beach gets small. During low tide the sea will be calm and the beach is wide. It is a great spot to learn how to kitesurf and play with the elements! The wind will be side onshore most of the time, so it’s very easy to get back to the beach.

» Wind directions: SW, W, NW, N
» Obstacles: Windmills
» Parking: Underneath overpass at the sluices


Vrouwenpolder is the biggest kitesurfbeach in Zeeland and very suitable to learn the sport. The beach offers a great view on the deltawerken and because the beach is so big, there is enough room for everyone. With high tide there is a small lagoon which is perfect to train your kitecontrol. With low tide the sea is calm and flat which makes your first rides easy. When we have a heat wave in summer, this is the place to be for thermal winds. North wind will then kick in at around 15/16h until sunset!

» Wind directions: W, NW, N, NE, E
» Obstacles: Lots of beach guests
» Parking: Veerse Meer (€!) 


Borssele, Kaloot, is a kite spot that is not known to the majority in Zeeland. A shame, because the vast and deserted beach is perfect for kite surfing. Between the breakwaters you can stand about 100 meters from the coast and that makes it perfect for beginners. With a view to Antwerp and the large container ships it is wonderful kiting here. Flat water, small waves and you may even find a fossil shark tooth!

» Wind directions: E, SE, S, SW
» Obstacles: stones and oisters
» Parking: Parking de Kaloot 


The evening prior to your lesson, we will send you an email with the location of the next day, so that you can prepare for your journey. Study our locations above before you come to your class, so you never have to wait in the wrong place!

Neeltje Jans: The Kitesurfschool Zeeland bus is parked on the kitesurf spot at the beach, on the dike. You can park under the overpass next to the sluice, it is then another 10-15 minutes walk to the spot itself.

Vrouwenpolder: The Kitesurfschool Zeeland bus is parked at the parking lot of second bridge at the Veerse Meer. This is a paid parking lot, and is checked regularly!

BorsseleThe Kitesurfschool Zeeland bus is parked at the parkinglot of the Kaloot, right at the spot!