Arjen with his robust beard and small but present Edith opened Kitesurfschool Zeeland in 2017. Now, 4 years later, a Windsurfing school has been added and more water sports will be added to the business in the future. Both are fond of water, wave surfing, windsurfing and kiting and you will always see smiling on the water. Feel free to contact them for all your questions at the bus or in a wetsuit on the beach!


Our two managers this year are Taco and Rénald. Taco has been with us as an instructor since 2019, Rénald since 2020. These men will run the school from location this summer, answer all your emails and take phone calls. Between all the hustle and bustle, you will undoubtedly encounter them on the water, kiting or on the foil. You can contact them for all questions, so do not hesitate to pull them on their kite surfing jacket!


Since this year we have two headinstructors, who ensure that all lessons and students go on the water with the correct material and that all material is checked and therefore remains in perfect condition. They are, together with the managers, responsible for the instructor team and the quality of the lessons that are given. You can certainly contact them for all your questions about equipment, or, for example, the purchase of your own kite surfing set.


You will see Jeroen on twintip, but also often on the foil! He rips through classic motorbike Zeeland to check all the kite spots for you, but is still the most fan of Vrouwenpolder. As a captain-to-be, he knows everything about wind and sea, and as a manager 2020 he knows all the ins and outs of the kite surfing school!


Taco from Goes is so crazy about sports and good at teaching that he even went to study for it. He attends the ALO in Eindhoven during the week, and has been teaching kitesurfing with us since 2019 on weekends and holidays. He jumps a bit higher every week, keep an eye on him!


Sven is our full-time instructor and one of our head instructors this year. He is a VDWS instructor and has a lot of experience, also with giving windsurfing lessons. This boy can speak a good sample of German and is very good at teaching children. He is rest itself, no matter what!


Renald is also a real Zeeuw and has been with us as an instructor since 2020. This summer he will start working as a manager, but will certainly also put on the blue shirt. He is currently studying in Zwolle, but can be found on the water at any time, even in winter!


Bo from Belgium is our youngest instructor this year! With her soft Flemish accent, she is super enthusiastic about kite surfing and teaching. Not long ago she was still a student at KZ, but with the progress she has made she can now jump and make backrolls. Last winter she even worked on Isla Blanca in Mexico, quite epic right ?!


Our Swedish instructor, and what kind of one! With a heart for kite surfing, this chick cannot get out of the water. With her jumps and backroll attempts she always goes all in! After kiting in Vietnam for a number of seasons, she thought it was time to discover Europe this year. For the first time wearing a warm wetsuit, but luckily we have a wonderfully warm summer!


This Englishman and ex-soldier has been teaching kitesurfing all over the world for a number of years. Dave is a very experienced and calm instructor can explain exactly how to kite surf and why you perform certain actions. In addition, he is also very handy and he has built his own camper! This year he will be our headinstructor, toghether with Sven.


Even though James is originally from England, he has spent the past 10 years in China, and is even fluent in Mandarin. As an outdoor instructor and kitesurfing instructor, he prefers to be outside and playing sports, and he always does that with a big smile on his face. You see him most often foiling as if it were nothing, even sitting!


This electrical engineering student from Poland drove all the way to Zeeland this year to discover the beautiful province on the water. He has taught in all kinds of tropical places, and he loves it when the sun is present. With his long hair he is a real surf dude and with his chill vibe he completes it!


For Andi the world is most beautiful when it is “pumpinnn” outside. He is always on the water, during and between classes, but also before or after. This cheerful German has made a lot of progress since he has been in the Netherlands. Will you check his backroll kiteloops and frontrolls soon?


Our Austrian topper has come to work with us since 2020 as a kitesurfing instructor. As a PABO physics and geography student, she lives the perfect life: in the winter in the snow in Austria and in the summer in Zeeland. Besides kite surfing, she is also very good at spike balls, especially challenge her for a game!


Aron and Jeroen have been an instructor with us since 2017 and is crazy about kite surfing. With a cart behind his scooter, he can often be found at Neeltje Jans and knows this spot like the back of his hand! He is a calm and patient instructor and can secretly laugh very sweetly, have a look!


Besides that Jacco works at the Ski School in Terneuzen, he also likes to give kitesurfing lessons! A real board athlete. He is always up for a laugh and will make you laugh during your class anyway!


Svenja has been our German instructor since 2018! She looks very sweet with those dimples in her cheeks, but she is very tough when it comes to kite surfing. Backrolls, jumps, crashes, she can do it all! With her training as a teacher, she can teach you kite surfing very well!


Iris is another local instructor! In addition to her job in the Zeeland catering industry, she stays on the water in Zeeland as much as possible. Besides kiting, you will also find her on the wakeboard track every week, to work on all backrolls, kickers and other tricks!


We are always looking for (local) kitesurf and windsurf instructors! Do you have an IKO / VDWS certificate and do you want to earn € 17.50 per hour? Send an email now: