In the 5 years that our kitesurfing school exists, we have already seen a lot of questions. You will find the most frequently asked questions below. Is your question not listed? Mail or call us via or +31682088840.


Is kitesurfing a suitable sport for me?

Kitesurfing is a sport for everyone! Man or woman, young or old, can all learn to kite surf. What you need is good mood and your swimming equipment.

In addition, it is important to know that kite surfing is not only a sport for sporty or strong people. With kitesurfing you have all the power of the kite on your harness, which is attached to your body. Your body is therefore an anchor that keeps the kite in place. Steering the kite is therefore completely without force and it is very important that you do not put any tension on the bar and your arms. The main muscle group you will feel after a kite session are your abs, because you are often crunching during steering / sailing / water starting.

Are you not completely convinced as a woman? Then take a look at our team, a large number of ladies, some of which are even mothers! Do you find it exciting and do you enjoy being taught by a female instructor? Please let us know when booking.

How many lessons do I need?

Well, that’s very personal! On average, students need 3 lessons for the basics of kite surfing. Most people can sail a few feet left and right at the end of their third lesson. If you have experience with power kiting or wakeboarding, it can go faster. Before most students buy a set from us, they have had 3 group lessons and taken one or two extra private lessons and they can sail 50 meters in both directions.

With a private course you usually get a few steps further than with a group course, because then you have much more time on the kite.

Is all material included in the course price?

Absolutely. You only need to bring your own swimsuit and a towel. We have all sizes of wetsuits, impact vests, shoes, and helmets. The use of kites and boards during your lesson is also included in the course price.

You can of course always bring your own wetsuit, provided it is warm enough. We use a 5 / 4mm wetsuit with long sleeves and legs all year round. In the summer a 4 / 3mm wetsuit can also do. If you book a private lesson, you can also use your own equipment, although we prefer not to. Instructors are always ready to check and set up their own equipment with you, but we know for sure from our own equipment that it is safe and how everything works. Use of your own kites is therefore at your own risk. Use of your own kites or wetsuit does not change the price of the lesson or course.

Is it best to take private lessons or duo lessons?

In a private lesson you have your own kite with your own instructor, so you have much more time to learn kite surfing. You are always working with the kite and therefore learn to be independent faster. A private lesson is the most effective to learn kite surfing.

In a duo lesson you share a kite with 1 other person, so you hold the kite yourself about 50% of the time. You can learn a lot from each other during a duo lesson, because you constantly see what the other is doing right or wrong. The duoles is the most economical way to learn kite surfing.

What is a BB Talkin radio helmet?

You can book a BB Talkin radio helmet during a lesson. This is a helmet with a radio that is in direct contact with your instructor. This allows you to talk to your instructor at any time during the class and ask for advice, and the instructor can provide directions over the radio. This is a very nice method to perfect kite surfing if you are already a bit further, it really has added value from the water start.

Can you already kite and would you like to learn to make turns or learn tricks? Then a BB Talkin radio helmet is super nice to have real-time contact with your instructor. This way you don’t have to go back to shore for advice about that one transition you just made, but you will immediately receive tips and tricks on the water.

What is the minimum windspeed needed for kitesurfing?

That depends on the type of class you have booked. The first lesson can continue from 7 knots, this lesson is with a trainer kite that can fly well in very little wind. If you are going to body drag or start water, we can go on the water from 10 knots.

You can check the wind forecast viaWindfinder (superforecast!), or Windy. We also use a paid wind forecast service and view the wind maps of Weerplaza every day.

You can find the current wind via Waterinfo Rijkswaterstaat (knots is approximately 2 times the number of m / s) or via Actuele wind.

With which wind direction will my kitesurfing lesson start?

We can go kite surfing in almost all directions at Kitesurfschool Zeeland. The only wind direction that is difficult for us is southeast wind. We have this occasionally in the summer on a very hot day, and then the wind is usually too soft to go kite surfing. For all other directions we have a spot where we can go. The wind we have the most is southwest wind and north wind.

Supervision or renting?

As a kitesurfing school, we set fairly high standards for supervision and renting a kite surf set. This is because we want a safe environment on the water for our students and other kite surfers, and because we are careful with our equipment.

Do you want to rent? Then you have to be completely independent with us. You will then receive a kite surfing set from the bus and return it neatly packed to us 2.5 hours later. You must be able to sail upwind on the water, the kite must not crash and you must be a safe kite surfer in relation to yourself and other kite surfers.

Do you want supervision? Then there is an instructor on the side who will keep an eye on you, together with other kiters to be. The instructor will help you with questions about setting up your kite and will keep an eye on you if things go wrong. To sign up for supervision, you must at least be completely independent with the kite and board. Upwind sailing is not necessary, but you must be able to walk upwind on time.

If we do not consider it safe for ourselves, other kite surfers or our equipment, we reserve the right to end your session at any time.


Can I book a group lesson while I only sign up?

You certainly can! We will try to find a group member for you who suits your level and weight. In the high season there is a very good chance that we will find it, in the early and late season the chance is less. If we cannot find a suitable group member for you, your lesson will automatically be rebooked to a private lesson of 2 hours.

What are the possible lesson times?

We teach from 9:00 am – 11:30 am, 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm.

How long after each other do I have to schedule my class days?

We recommend that you complete your course within 2 months. Many students choose to do the 3 lessons of a course on consecutive days. You can also take a class every week, or once a month.

There are die hards who schedule 2 lessons in one day. This is possible, but we do not recommend it. Experience shows that you learn less than if you were to plan the lessons on different days. If you still want 2 lessons in a day, make sure you are in good shape and a very good lunch / dinner!

What happens when I have scheduled my lessons?

The day before the start of your course you will receive an email around 17:00, stating whether the weather is good to continue your lesson or not. If your lesson is canceled, you can schedule a new lesson yourself. Sometimes we want to wait a while before making the “call”, then you will receive a message at 17:00 that the lesson is on standby.

Why can't I reschedule my course?

You have complete freedom to reschedule up to 7 days before the start of your course. Your date is fixed in the system within 7 days before the start of your course. Do you want to change your date anyway? This can be done free of charge up to 2 days before your lesson, by phone or email.

Can I choose my own instructor?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. We always strive to put students during a course with the same instructor, so that the instructor knows exactly what has already been done and what you are good or not good at. In practice this does not always work, as instructors have more students and of course also have days off. In addition, it is also quite good to get lessons with a different instructor, who has a fresh outlook and perhaps gives you completely different tips and directions!

What happens if my class is canceled?

The wind is our best friend, but sometimes not. It may be that at the time of your booked lesson or course the wind does not cooperate and the lessons cannot take place or can not be completed. You can then reschedule all or part of your remaining class through our booking system.

Please note: we do not give refunds on offers and paid lessons! If you come from far or do not have the option to reschedule lessons, choose to pay on location after your lesson.


How do I pay for my lesson or course?

You can easily plan and pay for your lessons yourself via our online booking system. Of course you can also pay on the spot with pin or cash.

Paying online is is unfortunately not possible for GiroPay. So if you are from Germany, please pay via pin or cash at the kitesurfspot. 

Can I pay with creditcard?

No, unfortunately that is not possible with us!

Still another question? Let us know via or call +31 682088840.